Grand Opening September 28th – 7:30 PM

Ghostly Manor Thrill Center play hosts to the Grand Opening of Lake Eerie Fearfest – 3319 US Rt 250 in ┬áSandusky Ohio. 5 Haunted Houses are in construction.


  1. Janet McClary

    I am in countdown mode for Sept 28th and am excited to see and experience the new attractions. Ghostly Manor has always been one of my favorite Haunts. See you soon!


    OMFG! I’ve been hearing sooo many commercials for this, I hope it delivers as well as it talks it up! I was fairly disappointed by CLE’s other ‘major scare fest’ which was down at Blossom, the Carnival of Horrors, everyone said that would be good, but the actors weren’t in it to win it, and I think that’s what makes or breaks a haunted house, we literally saw 3 actors on cell phones, like come on man….I paid to be scared and your texting your friends…. I CANT WAIT TO GO SEE THE LAKE ERIE FEAR FEST! ! ! ! I’m completely pumped, I want to be scared poopless ! Sandusky here we come!

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